The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like Irene Kim

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The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like Irene Kim

Hi ladies! It has been a hot minute since our last in-depth style guide. This week, we’re talking about Irene Kim, otherwise known as @ireneisgood on Instagram.

And here is a better look at her face if you wish to stare at her (nonexistent) pores with me.

If you are not acquainted with her, here are some basic facts on Irene Kim:

She is 29 years old and an FIT alum.
Although she currently resides in Seoul, she was born in Seattle, and was raised mostly in the States (so yes, she does speak with an American accent).
She is an influencer who sits front row at many shows, so you have most likely seen her in NYFW photos.
She has been the face of brands like Estee Lauder for her flawless makeup skills.
She is also the host of television shows in South Korea, making her a triple threat at this point!
Now that you are better acquainted with her, let’s look at Irene Kim’s style and figure out how to emulate it best.

Irene Kim’s Clothes:

As usual, let’s focus first on Irene’s clothing.

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