Modern-Day Witchcraft: Is It Truly Evil?

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Modern-Day Witchcraft: Is It Truly Evil?

It’s finally that time of year when all of the witches can come on out of their spooky broom closets and be themselves. The seasonal Halloween decorations come out to sit with the home decorations that stay up year-round, and the all black outfits are layered with more black clothing to keep warm.

It’s the one time of year that we fit in more than we stick out. Although, there’s nothing wrong with sticking out, I just like to see more people dressed like me.

Suffice to say – Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your witchy side! So, if you’re curious to learn more about the somewhat misunderstood world of witchcraft, then read on.

Witchcraft is Rife With Mystery and Misconception

I can promise you that witchcraft is nothing like Harry Potter. I would say, though, that it’s a little bit closer to faith, trust, and pixie dust. You might want to replace the pixie dust with salt, candles, water, and maybe a feather, but it’s close enough for me.

Cauldrons are outdated and brooms are merely placed next to fireplaces for decoration and a historical talking point. You’re more likely to find mason jars filled with salt and plants in every corner of the house. Herbs that sound dangerous, like skullcap or mugwort, and crystals and stones on the floor because your black cat thinks that they look better there.

But this modern reimagining of witchcraft is steeped in tradition. Witchcraft dates back to well over 40,000 years ago if not further. Throughout history and all different kinds of religion, there are stories of healers, witches, and spiritual women who are seen as evil and different. Even to this day, witchcraft holds a fear of what can only be considered the unknown.

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