How to Put Together a Badass Girl Steampunk Costume Together All by Yourself ?

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How to Put Together a Badass Girl Steampunk Costume Together All by Yourself ?

Steampunk fashion costumes – the offshoot of the “low life, high tech” cyberpunk philosophy incorporates a lot more than just ordering a goggle off Amazon and throwing it on top of what feels like a retro vintage hat to you. Steampunk fashion is inspired by the dreamy futuristic alternative world of Victorian era where everything was steam-powered, and your steampunk costumes should reflect that. Steampunk fashion is grounded in the Victorian era fashion aesthetics, but at the same time it has various modernist features that let you experiment with your own personal fashion aesthetics. That is the beauty of steampunk fashion costumes; they stand unique and peculiar from each other while looking like the pearls of the same thread strand.

The name brand steampunk costume rates are higher than you’d think; but if you look a little more vigilantly, you’d come across places like The Badass Girl who promote steampunk fashion just for the heck of it. Following the no-frill, rock-hard, steampunk fashion once you have such one stop alternative fashion sites on your radar gets easier.

Here is how you can put together a kickass steampunk costume of your own- fret not, this DOES NOT include sewing or painting or crafting – this brief yet comprehensive list encompasses all the essentials of a steampunk fashion attire:

1- The colours

Since the steampunk fashion is an ode to a historical period that never actually existed, the conventional accuracy is kind of the whole point. Talk about the irony! The cyberpunk fashion is rooted in the alternative universe where steam power was the roaring rage so dark colours like black, browns, copper and even jewel tones like ruby red would serve as a solid backdrop for an outfit.

2- Corsets

Corsets and waist cinchers are to a steampunk outfit what a pumpkin spiced latte is to fall: absolute essential. They are not worn as an underclothing; contrary to Victorian era, they are worn on top of your shirt or blouse. Leather, brocade, net or lace are some of the popular options for a steampunk corset.

3- Skirts

Steampunk dress /skirt – black

Steampunk skirts are almost an essential when it comes to bottoms, they are more popular than pants or bloomers. Some hardcore steampunk women fashionistas prefer wearing a long lace dress and wear a corset or Victorian vest on top, but that too end up giving a skirt vibe. Long, short, hi/low all sorts of skirts can be worked in a steampunk outfit if you style it right.

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