How to “Goth Up” a Formal Evening Outfit ?

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How to “Goth Up” a Formal Evening Outfit ?

Here’s a fun fact: the roots of goth fashion are deeply influenced by the tradition of people making their own outfits to stand out, to look different than one and other, and to reject what was considered the in-vogue fashion trend of the time. Fast forward to 2018, goth or alternative fashion has bloomed into this massive wave that has its followers not only among the youth but also to the more mature generation. This increasing interest of people in the goth fashion has made various street style fashion and name brands to come up with alternative fashion apparel.

But truth being told, the things you get under the category of alternative fashion come with a hefty price tag. Spending buckets of bucks on them kinda kill the purpose of taking the goth fashion route. There are still stores like where you can get goth fashion merch without getting ripped off, but you can also work with any formal evening outfit to make it a little more goth yourself.

There is no rule book that says a goth woman cannot wear a sequin dress. Yes, there we said it. Common belief is that the goth fashion rejects all socially acceptable fashion norms, but for the steampunk fashion. An off shoot of goth fashion is a resounding of futuristic Victorian era. This means, you can basically work in any piece of clothing you can envision, a Victorian lady perhaps, and add some grunge to it.

Satin and lace black dresses are your best bet. Black is elegant and looks appropriate for an evening outfit; go for a chunky belt in bronze or copper for some accent. The cherry on top could be your statement jewelry. You can make any outfit spookier if you opt for the right accessories. From long metal chains to chunky statement chokers, to multiple midi rings on one finger. Accessories can add a lot more substance to any outfit.

High heel stiletto pumps are the perfect evening shoes with any dress; they also fit right well when it comes to goth fashion. Go for those rather than boots for formal events. Add a long dark coat or jacket on top of your dress if it is short in length for a goth vibe. You can also wear dark leggings with your dress or short skirt for a solid monochromatic goth look.



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