Dress to Distress – The Basics of Goth Party Wear.

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Dress to Distress – The Basics of Goth Party Wear.

Being a woman goth doesn’t just mean that you are naturally inclined towards the darker color palette; it rather is an entire alternative life style. It is not like you just wake up one day and decide that black is all you would wear now. Wearing black outfits have deeply embedded meanings; definitely more than just a choice of color. The goth fashion followers dress to distress; to represent the agony of their souls; they are the ones who would dare to swim in the opposite direction of the flow in a crowd.
When it comes to dressing up for a party or event “the goth way”, there are many options you can choose from. From black lace snitchers and long skirts to long pleated maxi gowns – pretty much anything that is dark and vampy can be amped up for an event. However, you need to redefine your own personal goth style with time, that is inevitable.
Being a woman goth fashionista does not just automatically confine you to wear black to all events. Other colors may creep into the spectrum, as you please. The thing is, you need to dig deeper into the goth subculture and find the strand you resonate with the most. Cyberpunk, steampunk, ice goths, and negative goths so on and so forth. Depending on the goth strand you pick, colors like bright purple, emerald green, stark white, blue sapphire and ruby red can be incorporated in evening dresses as well.

For a true goth night dress, however, a sleeveless mini figure-hugging satin or velvet dress would be just perfection! You can either wear it on its own or you can pair it with leggings or skinny jeans. Multiple strands of necklaces with various charms, block stone earrings, kohl rimmed eyes and greyish black lipstick would just take the outfit to the next level.

For a timeless classic goth evening dress, a little inspiration from the Adam family never hurts anyone. If a dramatic full length figure-hugging Morticia inspired dress sounds like something right up your alley, go for it! That dress is a statement in itself; wear black stiletto pumps with it. Preferably, go for a fishtail dress so that your curves are highlighted where they should be!

Black on black print also look fab for a night out especially if it is a bodycon dress. Go for a keyhole neckline for an emphasized dramatic look.

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