Flared Bottoms vs. Skinny Jeans – The Alternative Fashion Work Wardrobe

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Flared Bottoms vs. Skinny Jeans – The Alternative Fashion Work Wardrobe

For years and years now, thinking about flared bottoms made us feel like a fifteen years high school girl! For what seems like ages, skinny jeans is what I was inclined towards wearing when it came to dressing up for work or for any casual event. The thing with skinny jeans is, it looks good. No matter what. It accentuates long legs; it looks dope tucked in the booties; I can throw on practically any t-shirt, sweater, jacket or cardigan on top and I am good to go. On the contrary, I had to brainstorm for a hot minute to come up with ideas about what to wear with flared bottoms to come with an edgy alternative fashion work wardrobe.

Here is what I discovered.  You can wear anything and everything with skinny jeans and flared bottoms too. Surprise, surprise. probably not for me at least, the booties. Black flared bottoms are a great key clothing article to have in your work wardrobe. I say black, because the possibilities of dressing up with black flares are endless. If smart casual is your routine dress code, you can go for a long graphic t-shirt over flares. I’d highly suggest using a belt, because a)- it would highlight your waist, b)- it would give a snitched waist illusion, giving off a very steampunk vibe if that’s you.

Black flared jeans

Black on black looks good, and of course black is goth. Go with it. If you fancy, go with an off shoulder t-shirt with flares and wear an asymmetrical cardigan in similar colour on top. Layering will also add more texture, substance and variety in your outfit. It also comes handy when you want to make your outfit spookier because you can go with a cardigan that has a deadly witch tagline or a goth pattern. Off shoulder shirts are also great to emphasize your neck pieces. Even if your work outfit is simple plain black, the jewelry you wear can add the goth element in that.

Off shoulder t-shirt Goth.

A lace corset can go pretty well with a flared black bottom. Bold if it is work wardrobe we are talking, but you can add on a blazer or jacket on top if you desire. Also, have fun with the colours in your outfit. Ruby red top would also look fab with black flares, throw on a black jacket or tail coat and you are ready to roll.

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